Train the Trainer Forklift Operator

Duration: 8 Hours
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Forklift Train the Trainer 

Estimated Course Length: 5-7 Hours

Course Description: This training requires experience in the safe operation of Powered Industrial Trucks and/or a combination of safety trainer experience. The class is a blend of classroom and practical hands-on training utilizing your own equipment. The training can cover both forklift and telehandler type equipment and meets the requirements outlined in Subpart O 1910.178 Powered Industrial trucks. With the training you will receive the following digitally for Class: Powered Industrial Truck Type 1,2,3,4,5,7- Curriculum, Skill evaluation, inspection sheets, sample company programs, and Knowledge tests. You will also receive safe operations videos in English and Spanish. Multiple PPT’s to utilize and adjust to your company’s specific workplace, certificate and operator card templates. Participants will have the opportunity to apply classroom concepts and gain practical experience training operators. Refresher training is recommended at 3 years to ensure training stays up to date with industry standards and best practices

  • Module 1: Regulatory requirements for PIT Safe Operation and Minimum Training Criteria (1 hr)
  • Module 2: Selecting the correct training type for operators/PIT class and evaluation process (1 hr)
  • Module 3: Review chosen training and Trainers must present portion of training (Trainer Skills Evaluation) (1-2 hr dependent on number of trainers in class)
  • Module 4: Hands On Inspection Process/operational checks (1 hr)
  • Module 5: Hands On Operator Skills Evaluation and course design/set up (1-2 hr dependent on # of trainers in class).

Forklift Training Learning Outcomes: 

  • Trainers know process flow from operator selection to certification
  • Trainers display knowledge of safe operation practices and regulation
  • Trainer displays ability to perform verbal knowledge focused training
  • Trainer can perform inspection processes
  • Trainer can evaluate operator skills, identify gaps, and provide immediate effective coaching

 Supplemental Trainings: 

  • OSHA 10/30 hour
  • Forklift Operator

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