Tool Tethering is not Fall Protection For Your Body, It Is Fall Protection For Your Tools!

Tool Tethering is not Fall Protection For Your Body, It Is Fall Protection For Your Tools!

    Our friends over at FallTech have put together a wonderful video (see bottom) for your viewing pleasure that can answer some of your pressing questions about choosing the correct Tool Tethers for your equipment. Colorado Safety Supply is a proud distributor of FallTech because we mirror their vision of providing a trusted and respected fall protection brand! It is important to Colorado Safety Supply Company to confirm that all products manufactured by FallTech have either met or exceeded the development process and the extensive product testing- which confirms the safety and security for all or our clients. 

   We have worked with FallTech for over six years to identify and provide the support for any end users on these line of products. At Colorado Safety Supply we care about your safety and we don't want you to learn safety by accident! It is important to know what your overall objective is when getting your Policy and Procedure programs together for Tool Tethering which is included in the ISEA 121 Standard for fall protection of your tools.

   Tool Tethers have been creatively and improperly put together for as long as  we can remember. We have seen phone cords, string/cords, bungee cords and so much more. It is amazing to see that the workers have understood this exposure over the years, they have seen how important and how dangerous dropped objects have been onsite- they have taken the initiative to reduce their tools from falling above and injuring others.

   In the United States, the new ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 standard for Dropped Objects Protection was approved on July 02, 2018, by the American National Standards Association. The goal was to provide manufactures of dropped objects equipment with a guidance on testing and performance criteria.

   Be aware of what you are tethering off!  What is the correct weight of the tool you will be using? Confirm that the product has been tested for that amount of weight (eg. 1lb screw driver, 2lb hammer, a cell phone, tape measure, a 15lb spud bar, or a 10lbs cordless drill), find a way to taper it off. Now that you are aware of the tools weight and how you will be tethering it ? Do you tether to your body or to your anchor point on your structure? Be aware of the exposures of adding to much weight to your Personal Protective Equipment. 

   There is more to know about how to address specific situations when it comes to fall protection for tools:

-Tool Tethers
-Tool attachments
-Anchors attachments
-Containers and bags.


   We will discuss them all- but starting with knowing your equipment, knowing your exposures, knowing your needs- is a great start!

Protect those below you- be aware and help prevent dangerous situations!

    Knowing the correct weight of the tool you will be using is the first step towards being safe on a construction site. This information is located on a tag on your fall safety lanyard or tether. Being aware of the tools weight and what part of your body the tool is tethered too is the next step. You don't want a five pound tool tethered to your wrist. 

   Confirm that your safety equipment meets the ANSI standards so you don't get “antsy” on the job site. Inspect your equipment before every use!  Read the manufacture recommendations on all your fall protection equipment (you may have a similar product, but the different manufactures have suggested use and verbiage that varies eg. Beam Straps!!) 

ANSI sets the standards, OSHA enforces them!

   Here at Colorado Safety Supply we have “ over 6’ "of the best top notch selections of fall safety equipment. Check out a video here for our recent demonstration at Denver International Airport for FallTech  newest fall safety equipment as well. Know your ABC’s of Fall Protection!  Even if you have your fall protection certifications (awareness, competent person or EM385 section 21 competent person 24 hour) it is always refreshing to pick up on new skills of the trade in an onsite Fall Protection Demo. Fall Protection Demos are available onsite- schedule one today!

     And as always, Colorado Safety Supply, we care about your safety and we don't want you to learn safety by accident!

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